Preparing for Easter...

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Hey,'s Andi!

I'm sure you all have noticed, I LOVE to decorate for the holidays!  I told you in the last blog I posted that I had something in mind for Easter, well, here it is!!!

Egg Wreath

I started with this wreath I found at The Dollar Tree...LOVE ME SOME cheap!

I took all the eggs off of the wreath.  Since they are painted Styrofoam, some of them lost spots of the paint in the process.  I got the moss I found at Walmart and began to cover the wreath in it.  I used my handy hotglue gun for this.

Once I covered the whole front of the wreath with moss, I flipped it over and filled in the spaces on the sides (inside the circle and out) with more make sure it's even.

Then I began to add in the eggs again.  Now as I'm sure you remember, I mentioned that some of the eggs were peeling their paint.  I glued some moss to the spots and arranged them on the wreath where they were hidden. 

 I ended up not using all the eggs that were originally on the wreath, as I liked it a little less full.  I also arranged them pointing in different ways, so it's less uniform. 

I LOVE the finished project!!! I'm going to find a "Happy Easter" sign to attach to it! ; )


Now, I had some extra moss left over from the wreath, so sitting at my table I came up with another idea.  I have some wood shims (you can get a cheap small bag of them at The Home Depot) that I'm using for another craft.  I busted into those puppies and pulled out two and broke the tip off one. 

I glued the two wood shims together in the shape of a cross. 

I then began to hot glue moss to cover one side of the cross. 

After I finished with that I realized that if I cover both sides, I could use it leaning up against something instead of just hanging on the wall.  So, I covered the backside with moss, as is the finished product!

Pretty cute, huh?!?! ; )

Happy Crafting!

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