Placemat Purse

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I have been reading tons of tutorials about how to make a simple tote bag.  Well, I am new to sewing, but I was aching to give it a whirl.  I have read so many tutorials, I can't even begin to tell you where I found the best instructions on how to do this.  BUT, I decided there was no reason to not make it even easier.  SO, I bought (on clearance, of course) 2 place mats at Kohl's that had this awesome fringe on the ends.  Then I stitched 'em together, boxed the bottom, turned down the top to show the pretty fringe and stitched on some belt strapping.  Oh, yeah...I forgot I did embroider a big initial on one of the place mats before I started.  Anyway, I love my bag!  Hope you find some time soon to squeeze a little craft out of your day.  (o:'s 1st Fork n' Talk at Trio's in LR, sponsored by EK Success!!!

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Paige (right) and I had a B L A S T at the Fork n' Talk with and sponsored by 
EK Success!!!  

For the past 6 months or so, I've started each day checking my email on my phone before getting out of bed!  The email I can't get out of bed without checking is from CraftGossip!  One morning I saw something that said "Calling all Little Rock Bloggers" and I got SUPER excited!  I had NO idea what I was excited about, but it said Little Rock...ARKANSAS!!! Haha!  I immediately sent the email to Paige and she sent back, "Are you serious?  Because I'm checking my calendar now!"  Well, as you can tell, we both said HECK YEAH!!!

Neither of us knew exactly what to expect, but we were told to dress comfortable (I HAD to wear red to support my Razorbacks!!!), no need to bring anything, as it will all be provided and we will get a FREE lunch (Trio's...YUM!) and a SwagBag!!!

Friends...THIS is what EK Success sent for our bags! DO YOU SEE IT ALL?!?!

This is a sweet friend I met today, among MANY!!! (One friend came all the way from Virginia!!!)
This was what our FREE stuff came in...bag from EK Success!!! But since they were SOOOOOOOOOO amazingly generous and sent us SOOOOOOOOOOO much that wouldn't all fit in the we got a Kroger bag full too!!!  THANK YOU EK SUCCESS!!!
They even gave extries that we got as prizes!!! Here is one that one friend won!!!
More friends...friends, friends, EVERYWHERE!!!
She was a little excited...along with the other 19 women in the room! haha!
We got together with new friends and each table designed hats to be judged!  Even though our hat was not chosen to win...we all had a blast (and I still think ours was pretty stinkin' adorable!!! ; ))
One of our activities what we all did together...which is why many of us have them on in the photos!

Blogging friends, I can't explain to you HOW MUCH FUN we had today!  If you have not signed up for emails from, you should!  And if you have not checked out the AMAZING and ABUNDANT supply of crafties and activities that EK Success has're missing out!!! 

We both had so much fun and can not wait to do it again!  Hope you all can join us next time...MANY pictures to come!!!


For an amazing afternoon, YOU ALL ROCK!!! ; )

~ Paige and Andi ~

Lamp Re-do

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This lamp was in my girls' room and when we redid their room decor and bedding, it no longer matched.  I have looked for one to go with their room and had no luck.  SO, I went with a lamp re-do.  I figured I could make this puppy look like a high-end, custom-design lamp.  Here we go...
This is what I started with.

Took off the shade and taped up everything I didn't want covered in paint.

Stripped all the perfectly good fabric from the shade.  This part was a little painful for me.
Cut strips of fabric (using my pinking sheers) that coordinate with their bedding and grabbed a roll of ribbon I had bought.  The ribbon matches the bed skirts we made.

I glued on the ribbon first with hot glue at the top and bottom of the wire on the shade.  I left enough space between so the fabric strips to come would overlap the ribbon.

Almost finished

TA-DA!!!  Adorable!!!

And of course, I had to post a pic of what it looks like in the girls' room.

And another of what it looks like with the lamp on.
I love it!

Hope you're inspired!!!!

Preparing for Easter...

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Hey,'s Andi!

I'm sure you all have noticed, I LOVE to decorate for the holidays!  I told you in the last blog I posted that I had something in mind for Easter, well, here it is!!!

Egg Wreath

I started with this wreath I found at The Dollar Tree...LOVE ME SOME cheap!

I took all the eggs off of the wreath.  Since they are painted Styrofoam, some of them lost spots of the paint in the process.  I got the moss I found at Walmart and began to cover the wreath in it.  I used my handy hotglue gun for this.

Once I covered the whole front of the wreath with moss, I flipped it over and filled in the spaces on the sides (inside the circle and out) with more make sure it's even.

Then I began to add in the eggs again.  Now as I'm sure you remember, I mentioned that some of the eggs were peeling their paint.  I glued some moss to the spots and arranged them on the wreath where they were hidden. 

 I ended up not using all the eggs that were originally on the wreath, as I liked it a little less full.  I also arranged them pointing in different ways, so it's less uniform. 

I LOVE the finished project!!! I'm going to find a "Happy Easter" sign to attach to it! ; )


Now, I had some extra moss left over from the wreath, so sitting at my table I came up with another idea.  I have some wood shims (you can get a cheap small bag of them at The Home Depot) that I'm using for another craft.  I busted into those puppies and pulled out two and broke the tip off one. 

I glued the two wood shims together in the shape of a cross. 

I then began to hot glue moss to cover one side of the cross. 

After I finished with that I realized that if I cover both sides, I could use it leaning up against something instead of just hanging on the wall.  So, I covered the backside with moss, as is the finished product!

Pretty cute, huh?!?! ; )

Happy Crafting!

Lá 'le Pádraig...

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Well, I thought I'd post this in honor of St. Patty's Day!

I was blogstalking one day (though I do it daily) and saw this ADORABLE idea for a door hanger on Frugal with a Flourish.  She got all her stuff from Dollar Tree, so after work one day I loaded up and went.  I found just about all the items she used on her basket...I just couldn't find the large shamrocks, so I made mine without!


I really enjoy decorating for all the holidays, so it was only fitting to make something for St. Patrick's Day! 

And I've already decided what I wanna make for Easter...ooh, just wait!!! ; )

oreo stuffed chocolate chip word...YUM!!!

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Ok, so it's Andi here...

I made some Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies tonight and can I say YUM!!!

They were seriously AMAZING!!! And I'm not even a chocolate freak!  I saw this recipe somewhere (not sure of the blog) and HAD to make them.  The first time I made them, I did them on a stone and remembered  after they turned into one HUGE cookie, that I was supposed to put them in a muffin pan.  Nice! haha!

Here is what I did...

1 package of chocolate chip dough...yes, I cheated
1 package of Oreos
muffin pan

Ok, so I sprayed the muffin pan and pre-heated the oven to what the package of chocolate chip cookies said.  I then put a thin layer of chocolate chip cookie dough on the bottom of the pan.  Then you add the Oreo on top of that, followed by another layer of chocolate chip cookie dough.  Bake according to the package of the chocolate chip cookie dough.  

Guys, it's SOOOOOO easy and SOOOOOO good!!! Give me feedback!  Let me know if you try it and like it (or not)!!!

Sorry I don't have a picture...they were eaten before I took a picture! ; (