Lamp Re-do

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This lamp was in my girls' room and when we redid their room decor and bedding, it no longer matched.  I have looked for one to go with their room and had no luck.  SO, I went with a lamp re-do.  I figured I could make this puppy look like a high-end, custom-design lamp.  Here we go...
This is what I started with.

Took off the shade and taped up everything I didn't want covered in paint.

Stripped all the perfectly good fabric from the shade.  This part was a little painful for me.
Cut strips of fabric (using my pinking sheers) that coordinate with their bedding and grabbed a roll of ribbon I had bought.  The ribbon matches the bed skirts we made.

I glued on the ribbon first with hot glue at the top and bottom of the wire on the shade.  I left enough space between so the fabric strips to come would overlap the ribbon.

Almost finished

TA-DA!!!  Adorable!!!

And of course, I had to post a pic of what it looks like in the girls' room.

And another of what it looks like with the lamp on.
I love it!

Hope you're inspired!!!!

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